Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OK, let's revise this plan....

I've had very few takers for a poem-a-day project in the near future. So what if we back it off to a poem a week and start it on July 19?

Other details in the earlier post will stand. The idea is that if you are willing to write (that is, create) one poem per week on a postcard of your choice (deliberately or randomly chosen) and mail it to someone on a list you'll get from me, please let me know by July 12 so I can make the distribution list.

The spouse and I have dug around in our desks and whatnot (avoiding saying "in our drawers") and found hundreds of cards: vacation souvenirs we meant to mail, striking advertisements from bars, strange old things that fell out of books, etc. I'm very excited to get going.

So if you want to be in on this and you're willing to commit until, say, the end of September, please contact me at pam@winters.cc ASAP.

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