Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First poem and tips; e-group?

I've got my first poemcard ready to mail. I want to scan it so I can keep a copy. (I already have an electronic copy of the poem.)

My poem is 14 lines long, including the title, with no stanza breaks--and I barely crammed it onto the postcard. (I'd say that this postcard has an average, or slightly smaller, space for the message.) And I have teeny-weeny copy editor's handwriting. So I encourage you to plan your space carefully.

In the future, I might write "site-specific poems"--that is, poems that are designed to fit that little block on the postcards.

On another topic: Someone suggested that we have a discussion group, maybe on Yahoo, for our poems and related topics. What do you all think? Please leave your comments on this message (or e-mail them to me if for some reason you can't add them here). I wouldn't be administering such a group, but I think I have a volunteer.

Happy posting!

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  1. i got first and am sending first today...would be goog with mailing list